Woman Gets Impressive PlayStation Care Package After Freak Golfing Accident – Kotaku

Photo: Taryn Marstella Taryn Martsella was surprised when she recently received a PS4 Pro, a PlayStation Platinum wireless headset, a gift card for Maui Jim sunglasses and 10 games in the mail. But that, she says, is what she got after getting a scary injury at a Sony-sponsored pro golf tournament. Her injury had been nasty. She’d been hit in the head with a golf ball, one struck, she believes, by someone who worked at Sony and felt terrible about the incident. “My first thought was ‘I’m gonna die, ’” Martsella told Kotaku over e-mail, sharing a picture of herself after the incident, blood streaming down her face. She described the events that she said led up to the impressive Sony bundle. Marstella got over twenty stitches for her trouble.Photo: Taryn Marstella Two weeks ago, the Hawaii-based former high school golfer saw an ad for a Sony-sponsored professional golf tournament and decided to volunteer to be a caddy. .

“I thought it’d be a really cool experience to be in the action with professionals, ” she told Kotaku over email. Unluckily for her, she wouldn’t see much of the event. She wasn’t supposed to be there until 7 a.m., but arrived an hour early and had been hanging out with other volunteers. “At around 6:50 (which happened to be th Advertisement e first tee time of the day), I decided to go to the bathroom before checking in at the caddy tent. The bathroom was right next to the first hole, ” Marstella said. “I heard someone tee off, turned to look, then felt this burning on my forehead.” She had been hit right in the forehead. .

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