Dad of three, 59, is killed when father-in-law shoots cow – Daily Mail

United States
Jackson 'Buster' Garland (pictured), 59, was killed on Tuesday in Georgia when his father-in-law shot a cow and the bullet struck him  A man accidentally killed his son-in-law when a bullet he fired at a cow went through the animal and struck his relative, police believe.  Jackson 'Buster' Garland, 59, was killed on Tuesday in the freak accident in Waleska, Georgia.  The father-of-three had been helping his father-in-law Herbert Jordan attend to a suffering cow which they were planning to put out of its misery, Fox 5 reported.  Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office said: 'It's a tragic set of events, certainly unfortunate.  The two men had seen the cow in 'prolapse' with some of its organs apparently outside its body, it was reported.  They apparently moved it towards a vehicle to euthanize it, but the cow knocked Garland to the ground and Jordan, 79, took a shot to pacify it.   'At some point during that transition from one location to another the cow was shot, ' Baker said.  'The bullet went through the cow and actually entered the victim's body and killed him.'  The fatal accident occurred in woods near ....

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