Girl, 9, SCALPED when ponytail got tangled in her uncle’s tractor in freak accident – Mirror Online

United Kingdom
A young girl whose forehead was ripped off after her ponytail got tangled in her uncle's tractor has undergone major surgery to have it reattached. Nine-year-old Khushpreet Kaur was left screaming in agony in the freak accident that tore off large parts of her scalp. The youngster's head was torn apart by a tractor's crop spraying machine in rural India . She was sitting on top of her uncle's tractor, when her dress got caught, dragging her helplessly towards the machinery. Her dress became tangled up in the spinning sprayer, which led to her hair getting caught and wound around its rotating parts. Her hair was pulled clean from her head. Khushpreet was on her uncle's tractor when the horrifying ordeal unfolded (Image: Goal Post Media / SWNS) Read More   The horrific ordeal happened on November 10 last year when Khushpreet was riding on top of her uncle's tractor in Dharampura village in Punjab, India. He was watering a field of orange orchards when he discovered his niece covered in blood and missing half her scalp. She was rushed to hospital 90km away in Bathinda, where surgeons performed an eight hour long operation to reattach ....

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