Hapless cyclist impaled by his own handlebars in freak road accident – Metro.co.uk

United Kingdom
A cyclist suffered horrific injuries when he was impaled by his own handlebars in a freak crash. Dane Phillips, 45, was pedalling to the shops when his mountain bike was sent 10 feet into the air after the front wheel was clipped by a passing car. When the bicycle finally came back down the handlebars skewered his right leg leaving him in agonising pain. Grisly images show how the handlebars had to be removed by surgeons (Picture: Dane Phillips/SWNS) Rescue crews dashed to the scene in Hereford where firefighters had to use hydraulic cutting equipment to saw the handlebars off. Pictures show them embedded in Dane’s leg as he was rushed to hospital on January 28. Taxi driver loses his licence after refusing to pick up blind man and his dog Doctors managed to remove the metal and Dane is now receiving physiotherapy to regain the strength in the damaged limb. Advertisement Advertisement Dane, a maintenance technician at a local college, said: ‘I was on my way to Aldi and cycling the route I’d done a thousand times before when this car came out of nowhere. ‘It all happened so fast, it clipped my ....

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