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KUCHING: A man identified as Kalom Manggai, 65, died in a freak accident when a tree he was chopping fell on him in the jungle at Jalan Bungkang Sri Aman on Feb 4. Personnel from Sri Aman Fire and Rescue Department, who arrived at the scene around 11pm managed to free the victim from under the tree and brought him out of the jungle into a clearing. He was, however, pronounced dead by paramedics from Sri Aman Hospital at the scene moments later. The man from Rumah Dio Serit Liu, Empanggu in Undop, was said to be chopping down a tree with the view to make planks. With him were several villagers. As it was getting dark, the other villagers left him alone to continue with the work. By 10pm when he failed to return home, the man’s family members, together with other villagers, went to the jungle to look for him. There, they found him pinned under a tree, which they tried to lift up in order to free the man, but ended in vain. They called the local Fire and Rescue Dept for help. The whole operation ended about midnight. Share this What ....

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