‘A freak accident:’ Southwest Guilford community praying for player seriously injured after dunk – WXII12 Winston-Salem

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A senior at Southwest Guilford High School was seriously injured during the basketball playoffs in Hickory over the weekend. The big game ended in heartbreak for number 5 Christian Martin. He was taken to a hospital after he landed on his head and neck while trying to dunk during the game.Southwest Guilford’s principal, Mike Hettenbach, said in the past three years, they have lost four students and they are praying, and hopeful Martin will pull through this.“It seems like whenever we face adversity we step up. And we’re not just stepping up -- we’re going above and beyond. I really am in a privileged position to be the principal at Southwest High School because this is what I love about where I work. The students, the community, my staff, whenever we face a tough situation we come back tenfold, ” Hettenbach said. .

During the playoff game against Cox Mill Saturday, Martin went to dunk, fell to the ground and did not get back up. “I’ve seen people fall but never quite to that point. Usually when they hit they kind of hit their back, so I mean that’s a bad thing too, but head is a totally different animal. It was definitely a freak accident, ” Southwest Guilford head basketball coach, Guy Shavers said. “Normally when you dunk the ball you kind of catch it with your hand, and in his case, he caught it with his fingers. .

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