Louisiana college student killed in freak accident involving rogue tire along I-10 – WBRZ

Photo: WLOX GAUTIER, MS - Officials say a 21-year-old Tulane student standing at a rest stop in Mississippi was killed after a tire broke free from an 18-wheeler on I-10 and struck her. WLOX reports the victim was with two other college students from the New Orleans area when they pulled over at a rest stop along the interstate near exit 61 in Mississippi. Officials said the women had stopped to use the restroom and were getting back in their car when the tire popped loose from a tractor-trailer traveling westbound and barreled toward the rest stop. Police said the tire smashed into their vehicle and an SUV parked nearby. The woman who was struck by the tire, who has not yet been identified, was pronounced dead soon afterward. Officials said the women were not originally from Louisiana or the Gulf Coast area. The truck driver reportedly pulled over after realizing he lost a tire and has made contact with police. The crash is still under investigation. . .

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