Miraculous escape for man who turns into ‘human Frankenstein’ after freak accident – The Siberian Times

United States
‘If the nut and bolt had flown a little higher, he would inevitably lose an eye'. Picture: Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Hospital All he felt at the time was a sharp blow to his face as a high speed truck drove by in his Krasnoyarsk region town. X-rays later amazed accident and emergency doctors when they saw a nut and bolt wedged in his right sinus.  It was 6.2 cm long (almost two and a half inches) by 2.5cm (1 inch). 'A truck drove by and I fell, ’ said Anton. ‘I did not understand what happened, just the taste of metal in my mouth. ‘I only realised that something from under the truck flew into my face.  'Another car stopped and a man rushed to me, helping to wipe off the blood. 'There was so much of it I got really worried for my eye.  'The man drove me to an ambulance.' Anton was lucky to have kept his eye in a freak accident. Pictures: Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Hospital, Vesti Krasnoyarsk Anton's wounds were sewn up at the local Lesosibirsk City Hospital - but then scans and X-rays showed a ‘foreign body’ in his maxillary sinus beneath ....

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