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Pianist recovers after freak accident BOSTON (AP) - She awoke in a hospital bed, still groggy from the medication, a team of doctors gathering around her. She couldn't speak. Couldn't much move. Even now, a week after first emerging from a coma, Sonya Bandouil didn't fully understand how she'd ended up here, in the intensive care unit of Brigham and Women's Hospital. She knew she was injured. Her body was a mess of bandages and tubes. And every day, it seemed, she was being wheeled into another surgery. What she didn't know was that over the previous two weeks, as she drifted in and out of consciousness in early November 2018, her family had been privately agonizing over how to tell her the worst of it. Now, as she slowly came to, a half-dozen doctors were approaching her bed and a nurse was pulling a curtain closed behind them. Her boyfriend, Alex Pankiewicz, put his hand on her shoulder. They began by explaining the freak accident that had put her here. .

The massive concrete facade of a building in Allston had collapsed. She'd been hit and partially buried in the rubble, they told her, and one by one, began to list her injuries. Broken jaw. Broken leg. Broken pelvis. Broken vertebra. Most of the ribs on her left side were fractured. In all, 21 bones. She had bled internally and bruised a lung. Repairing her had required nine surgeries. As they spoke, Sonya listened with a foggy detachment, nodding occasionally, understanding but not fully comprehending through the haze of medication - until they reached the final injury. All her life, she'd wanted nothing more than to be a professional pianist. .

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