New York City building accident crushes war hero Gregory Echevarria | Daily Star – Daily Star

United Kingdom
Gregory Echevarria was working on a block of luxury condos on the corner of Broome Street in Soho, New York when the gruesome incident took place. Co-workers were left shocked after the freak accident involving the construction worker and dad-of-four. One builder told the New York Post: “I didn’t see it, but I heard he was split in half. You are talking about 15, 000-16, 000 pounds.” Reports suggest a second victim sustained minor injuries and was rushed to a nearby hospital. HORROR: 7.5 ton counterweight fell from a crane. (Pic: ABC)Echevarria, a life-long resident of Brooklyn, was believed to be helping set up equipment owned by Cranes Express. One other person died in a separate incident while working for the company, sources said. A man who answered the phone for Cranes Express in the aftermath of the tragedy immediately hung up on a local reporter. Eehevarria’s brother Keith, 32, also works for Cranes Express and was on site at the time of his brothers death but defended his employer. DESPAIR:Echevarria leaves behind 4 children (Pic: ABC)He said: “Listen, I work for them — it’s a good company. Nobody really saw it [the incident].” “Accidents happen. Unfortunately, ....

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